To give customers services with even more value   Through our chemical products, we aim to make a contribution towards the foundations of industry and the creation of a prosperous living environment.

Lead Chemical was founded in 1987, with the goal of selling chemical-based products within Japan. We started to conduct imports and exports with Hong Kong and China in 1993, and have moved on to expand the arena of our activities as far afield as Asia and Oceania. Based on an ethos of building trustworthy relationships and providing our customers with the goods and information that they really need, we dedicate ourselves to assisting manufacturing in the world of chemicals, a world that supports both lifestyles and industry. We find ourselves in the position we are today thanks to the long-running support and idea of our customers in Japan and further afield.

Lead Chemical will continue to further improve its sales system for every kind of raw material and intermediate, which we entered at an extremely early stage. We will make every effort to expand and deepen the network we have created. In addition to the distribution of products, we will seek to keenly ascertain our customer needs and play a useful role for them in which we have years of experience, such as coordinating commissioned manufacturing and development projects with customers.

Lead chemical has grown by adapting to repeated global economic changes. We will try even more to maintain combative stance, develop a polished sensibility that can react flexibly to the tides of change, and carry out sales activities that are highly mobile and rich in information. We hope to respond to the trust our customers show us by seeking to develop our people and our organization, and continuously moving forward. We wish to be a pioneering company that can lead others towards the path of mutual prosperity and coexistence, and we look forward to the continued support and encouragement of all our valued customers and stakeholders in the future.

Etsuko Suzuki
President and CEO of Lead Chemical Co., Ltd.


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